And the end has arrived…

The OneSolePurpose team has been advertising like crazy! At three different times this semester, members from the OSP Summit team attended 5k races for the purpose of handing out fliers for the OneSolePurpose 5k/10k that is taking place on May 3. These races were The Color Run on April 5, the Springfield Urban Challenge on April 6, and the Color Me Rad on April 12. At these three races we were able to hand out hundreds of race fliers. We wanted to advertise directly to those that are runners and therefore more likely to run in the actual race. In the future we hope Dan and Gayla can get the support of more volunteers in order to reach even more runners as they finish their race and go back to their vehicles. Sometimes we would encounter people that wanted to hear much more about the mission of OneSolePurpose, while others quickly grabbed a flier and continued walking. It was exciting to hear from runners who had already signed up for the OSP 5k/10k or people who had been directly influence by OSP: teachers, students, and parents. We have high hopes that our activity at these races will positively impact the turnout at the OSP race on May 3!

Our team members have also been sitting at tables in the commons handing out raffle tickets.  We used our budget in order to purchase an iPad mini and are selling one dollar raffle tickets.  This is not going as well as we expected but we have still managed to selling around 75 tickets which is about 75 dollars which will purchase around three pairs of converse shoes for a child in need.  We used the rest of our budget to purchase car decals and bumper stickers to give out at the race.

Our team is worked really hard to come up with a beautiful poster display and power point presentation of pictures throughout the year and will be presenting it on Monday the 28th for our final Summit meeting.  It is hard to believe that time has flown by so fast.  We are really looking forward to seeing what the other groups have come up with and presenting what we have put together.

Even though our Summit class has come to an end, we still have some work to do!  On Tuesday the 29th, we will be meeting at Second Baptist church to put together around 5,000 goodie bags for people that are participating in the race.  We will be using all of the different items that we worked so hard to collect over the semester and be using them as prizes.  Last but not least we have the race!  It has always seemed as this far off event that would never arrive but it is now less than a week away.  Our entire group is so excited for this day to come and look at all of our hard work pay off.  It is going to be quite an early morning but we know that it will be so worth it.

It is so funny to look back at what our group originally thought this project was going to be.  We had so many ideas of things we wanted to do and create and slowly began to realize that these things were not within our budget or time range.  We all started off with specific jobs and tasks which never ended up happening because they were just not necessary and totally out of reach (dodge ball tournament, bake sales, after school activities with the schools, etc).  We tried to be so organized but many surprises came our way and we learned to just role with it.  We learned so much about each of our leadership styles and a lot about time management.  Planning things around, school, work, extracurricular activities and the Wells was just so challenging and took a lot of time to just plan a time to meet up.  I know we will all look back on this experience and have pleasant memories and are grateful for everything that it has taught us.

Getting Ready for the Race

This month has been pretty slow for OneSolePurpose with actual volunteer work but planning for our 5k is in full speed!  Things will be picking up speed in April.  We have each done around 3 hours of volunteer work plus a meeting with our community leader and faculty leader.  Our team members have been picking up the donations from the different businesses that they contacted earlier in the semester and are giving them to our community leaders for our goodie bags.  There is a Facebook contest occurring right now, ending on March 27th that if OneSolePurpose wins, 10,000 dollars will go straight to their philanthropy.  Liberty Bank is the company running this contest and we really hope OneSolePurpose will win.  We are currently tied with another philanthropy for first.  Our members have been advertising this a lot on our own personal Facebooks. 

On March 25th, we had a meeting with our community leaders Dan and Gayla to talk about all of the different events coming up that we can work.  There are about five upcoming races that our Summit team is going to attend and hand out flyers to advertise the race.  We will stand at the end of these races and give the flyers to the runners as they are finishing the races they are currently racing.  Advertising to people that enjoy running compared to just the general public will hopefully increase the participants for the OneSolePurpose 5k 10k.  We also have plans to contact business with message boards outside to write messages about the race on them and to hang up posters on the windows of their establishments.  Another way of advertising is to set up a table outside in the commons to get people to buy raffle tickets to purchase the two iPad minis that our OneSolePurpose team is purchasing from our Drury budget.  We will sell the raffle tickets for a dollar each and hope that our Drury community will help us out and support our philanthropy.           

Members of our group are also getting ready to go around to the different fraternities and sororities to advertise the race and hopefully get some people to sign up or at least buy the raffle tickets.  We are also still making the banner to hang in the Drury rec center to once again advertise to the athletic members of Drury’s campus that is athletically inclined.  Our entire group is working together to make all of these different things happen.  When anyone is available, they are helping.  Other than advertising for the race, the actual stuffing of the goodie bags is going to occur in April so our team is getting excited for that as well.  As far as preparing for our end goal, our end goal is the race which we will get the majority of our hours from.  Until then, advertise, advertise, And ADVERTISE!

New Semester, New Plans!

So far, this semester has been off to a great start!  Last semester, we each sent out letters to different businesses to make them aware of our 5k- 10k occurring in the beginning of May and asking them if they would be willing to donate anything.  In the letter, we informed them that we would be calling back soon to see if they would be willing to donate in January or February.  So that is what we have been doing!  Each member of our team has been calling the businesses we sent out letters to.  So far, we have not had much luck with getting any donations but more phone calls still need to be made and we are hopeful that we can find some businesses that would like to donate to our cause.

A few members of our group also went to the Second Baptist Church on the 26th and worked at an informational table.  We handed out information about One Sole Purpose and tried to get donations there.  The church has adopted three different schools so they have pieces of paper to include with their donations that they can put directly into their churches donation boxes.  It was really awesome to see how interested the members of the church were in our project and how giving they were to this worthy cause.

Earlier in February, we had our first meeting with our faculty leader, Andrea Battaglia.  We informed her of our plans to make the phone calls, help stuff the goodie bags and actually work the race.  She was impressed with the layout of our semester and thought that everything sounded a lot more organized this way than it did last semester, less last minute activities.  The bulk of our hours will be obtained the day of the race since we will be there extremely early to the late afternoon helping with set up and the take down.  We also talked about making a giant banner to hang in the Fitness Center to advertise our race to the athletic members of Drury’s campus.  We are also in the works of attending the different sorority and fraternity meetings to advertise the race to them and hopefully get some of our Drury family to come out and support us.  Other members of our group are also planning on reaching out to the fitness class, “From Couch to 5k” to see if we can make our 5k be the one that their fitness class is training for.  Our group is really excited for what we have ahead!


On November 20th, our group had another meeting with Gayla by conference call; she could not come over as planned.  She came over to train us in how to handle phone calls with the businesses that we will be contacting asking for donations.  Gayla said that she will be adding a little bit more information to the letters that she wants us to send to business and that we can pick it up soon.  She wants us to touch base with the businesses via letters and our summit group will be getting back to them in January by phone calls to see if they are interested in donating.  She suggested that we contact banks, restaurants, running-related foods, massages, sports drinks, and other places like that.  We will be in charge of addressing letters, putting on stamps and sending them out to these companies which means that we will get to use our budget!

Andrea 2.0

On November 19th, our group had our second meeting with Andrea Battaglia, our campus advisor.  We went over our power point presentation and our final paper with her that we will be presenting for our Summit final on December 2nd.  It was really helpful to get her feedback and make changes to our presentation based off of her advice.  Once again, she told us that she was really impressed with our hard work!  We also discussed with her how we thought that we might be trying to do too much with OneSolePurpose like she suggested and decided that the bake sale and dodge ball tournament was more hassle than it was worth.  We want to dedicate our time to the 5k and do a good job working on it.


On November 5th , our group met with our faculty advisor, Andrea Battaglia.  We told Andrea everything that we have done so far this year and she was very impressed.  She was thrilled to hear everything that we had done to help our community partners and excited to hear about what we had planned for next semester.  We told her about our plans to work with the intern Ashley to start contacting businesses for donations and our possible plans for either a bake sale or the dodge ball tournament.  Andrea then told us about how there was already a dodge ball tournament happening on Drury’s campus this semester.  This made us reconsider this event and how we will be spending our time next semester.  We do not want to have an event using our budget if the event will not be successful because the need for that kind of event has already been filled.  Andrea really liked our bake sale idea and said that she would send out an email to the faculty list serve to help us advertise it.  We also planned our next meeting date to go over our presentation for our final project.

Bass Pro Marathon

On November 3rd, we worked at the Bass Pro race at the OneSolePurpose station.  Our entire group came out to support the cause.  We bundled up in coats

and scarfs and passed out water and Gatorade at the 8th mile mark of the marathon.  It was a lot of fun even though we were freezing!  The runners were so thankful for us being there to help out.  While some girls were handing out water, others were standing on the other side of the road holding posters for our OneSolePurpose runners and ringing cowbells.  This was a great way for us to support the people that were supporting a cause our group is so passionate about.

Bass Pro Table Fun!

On November 1st and 2nd, our team worked at a table inside Bass Pro to promote OneSolePurpose and try to get participants to run in our 5k as well.  We sat at a table handing out flyers, candy, and coupons to Shoe Carnival, a sponsor of OneSolePurpose.  It was really cool to see teachers that worked at the schools that we delivered shoes to come to the table and hear how thankful they were.  They told us that the kids loved their shoes and wear them all the time.  Best of all we helped spread awareness about OneSolePurpose to a group of people that had never heard of it before.

Panera Meeting!

Our group met with Dan, one of the founders of OneSolePurpose, at Panera for a meeting about what comes next.  He expressed to us how much he appreciated everything that we have done so far and how much we have helped out.  We then discussed what our next tasks were going to be.  Dan and Gayla want us to start talking to different businesses and get them to donate different items to put into goodie bags for the runners that complete the race in May.  We also had the OneSolePurpose intern at this meeting and we discussed how we will be working together to get these donations.

Did someone say dodge ball?

Our team has been very excited to  plan a campus event to raise awareness and gain support for the mission of One Sole Purpose. After thinking about several different ideas, we settled on an idea that will bring faculty, student organizations, athletic teams, the DU student body, and even the Springfield community together. This spring we will be hosting a One Sole Purpose dodge ball tournament on campus! We are stoked about this opportunity and look forward to making our ideas come to life next semester.
This event can be huge for One Sole Purpose so we’ve already begun the planning process. Here are a few plans that we have made thus far:
  • The One Sole Purpose dodge ball tournament will consist of a double-elimination bracket with a limited number of teams.
  • Team sign-ups will require a team captain name, team captain contact information, team name, team roster, and t-shirt sizes for all team members via the Summit Park - OneSolePurpose Facebook page.
  • Each team member listed on the roster will receive a special One Sole Purpose t-shirt for participating.
  • Each team must have at least five players, but no greater than 10 players are allowed on a team.
  • Teams can be male, female, or co-ed; they will all participate in the same bracket.
  • Each dodge ball game will be 15 minutes long, and the winner will be the team with the most players in the game after 15 minutes or the team that is left on the court.
  • The winning team will be awarded a special prize!
  • All teams will be awarded the satisfaction of supporting a great cause!
But this event is more than just a competition for the teams! We encourage participation from fans, families, and supporters. At the One Sole Purpose dodge ball tournament there will be delicious baked goods, popcorn, and One Sole Purpose apparel for sale. All proceeds go to One Sole Purpose. To learn more about this incredible cause and understand to where your support will be going, visit the One Sole Purpose website at
We hope to see you on the court!